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Yin Yoga - Unwind (60 min)

Fell free to play some nice calming background music!

Suggestions:  @OCB Relax Music   @Meditative Mind 



The first “Yama” (relationship with the external world and other people) is “Ahimsa” or nonviolence. 

“Ahimsa is not causing pain. Causing pain can be even more harmful that killing. Even by our words, even by our thoughts, you can cause pain” (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Sri Swami Satchidananda)

Santosha or contentment, the ability to be able to see that you are enough and  you have enough. Many times we may experience lack, from a materialist, physical or emotional point of view but majority of the time we actually have everything we need. Shifting our awareness into what we already have and being grateful is key. 

Recommended books to inspire your Yoga practice:

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  1. Caroline Säwensten

    Great tutorial, thank you Lizandra! Perfekt 5 min breathing session after the class today =)

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