yoga for kids & families with miau

Miau guides kids into many adventures. He is very wise  and kind yogi cat but most of all, he is very creative. Kids love him!

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Social Emotional Learning

Our classes and stories empower children with social and emotional skills, building awareness of themselves and the world around them.


Not about competition, or even being upside down. It is a journey of self-discovery.

Miau, cat yogi, yogi cat


Move mindfully, breath mindfully. How? We will teach you!

Trauma Informed

Not only about what we teach but how we teach. Classes respect everyone's individuality.

The Special Key

A book designed to be read by an adult (parents, educators, teachers, etc) to a child or group of children while everyone moves through different yoga poses that come up in the story.

Be kind while moving through different yoga poses and breathing mindfully.

Includes Yoga poses, breathing exercises and other recommended activities.  

Ages 4-10 years old

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more about kids yoga

Discover the benefits that yoga can have on children and the latest research about this theme.

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