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Lizandra lives currently in Sweden and is a mother of three small children. She has a degree in Clinical Physiology and has worked in the health care field in Stockholm for almost 9 years. She believes that health goes beyond curing diseases and that empowering individuals for sustainable lifestyle changes and regular self-care is the best route in order to promote physical and mental health.

Lizandra deister

Hi! My name is Lizandra and I am between many things, a Yoga Teacher for adults, children and teens.

I am originally from Portugal and have lived in Sweden since 2011. Meditation has always existed in my life but later on, due to back pain, I started my yoga journey. My children became very interested in yoga as well, and that was how I started to explore and became certified in children’s yoga.
I believe that yoga gives children not only the physical abilities but also the emotional and mental tools that they can use throughout their lives. Children are intuitive, loving and open-minded beings and the future is not in their hands, it lies in our hands parents, teachers and society. They do what we do and not what we tell them to do…
Nevertheless for adults, yoga contributes to an increased awareness of one’s body but also one’s life. Every day is a new day, a new opportunity, a new lesson. For me, this means being able to be here and now and being part of my life, which means, maybe not being able to control what happens, but being able to control how one reacts and which decisions one makes.
I’m just grateful to be able to bring this ancient knowledge into small people’s and big people’s lives!

Yoga Instructor

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Children & Family Yoga Instructor

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Ayurvedic Health Consultant

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Clinical Physiologist

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