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What is Meditation?
How to Meditate?
What types of meditation exist?
Let's go through it together!

Find Guided Meditations (Yoga Nidra) and tutorials in "Videos & Tutorials"

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The Science of Life!
Ayurvedic knowledge recognizes the importance of the 5 elements in every single thing. It's no different in our body when those elements play a very important role not only on how our body works but how our mind works as well.

Find out about your body type:

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Hatha Yoga

Hatha refers to the practice of physical yoga postures designed to align and calm your body, mind, and spirit in preparation for meditation.

It is the type of yoga where all the other yoga forms derived from.

Is therefore the yoga of balance between the body and mind, the sun and the moon.

Vinyasa Yoga

In Vinyasa Yoga you move through different postures using your breath as a connection tool.

It is therefore a more dynamic type of yoga, also known as "flow" yoga and positions are not held for long time.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga works in the deeper "yin" tissues of our ligaments, joints, deep fascial networks and even bones.

These are lower tempo classes since poses are held for longer periods of time.

It is an amazing practice for you that are tight and want to increase your flexibility. From a emotional and mental point of view it is a good practice to calm the mind and focus on breathing which increases prana (life force).

Children Yoga

Children Yoga is a playful yoga form where you use creative yoga stories with different basic values (helping one another, taking care of oneself, taking care of nature, etc.) where simple yoga positions and breathing exercises are integrated.

Yoga is a wonderful way to harness children's creativity, mobility, self-esteem and confidence! Since it is not about achievement or competition, the children find their inner quiet self space and can relax.

Family Yoga

In family yoga classes mom, dad, children, grandmother, grandfather, cousins, siblings etc. get to practice yoga together in a playful way!

Family yoga provides the opportunity for you as an adult to embrace your own inner child.

Sharing the yoga journey with a child and practicing some positions in pairs, deepens relationships, creating balance and understanding.



Yogis have mastered the art of conscious breathing towards hacking physiology and controlling the body and mind.

This knowledge can be very well used even in today's world where most of us need to release stress and become more mindful.

start your practice with us

At Log In Yoga we look to empower you to find your unique state of wellness by giving you the tools and knowledge from this yogic ancient knowledge to nowadays scientific understanding. 

The membership includes:

600 Kr / Month

Live & Online Yoga

Every Sunday at 8 PM! Replay will be available for 1 week in case you can not make it that day, or if you want to repeat the practice later on. 

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Yoga i Åkersberga, Yoga i Rydbo, Log In Yoga studio, Rydbovägen

Yoga at the Studio

Yoga classes every Thursday at 6:30 PM at the studio at no extra costs for members (otherwise 180 Kr / class)

Yoga Poses & Breathing Tutorials

Understand the purpose, background and benefits of each position (asana) and learn about Pranayama, the world of conscious breathing and how you can use your breath to bring you back to balance.

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Guided Meditations

Allow yourself to explore different types of meditation and find your own best practice.


Become a member for Free and get access to some content. You can later upgrade to have the classes included for 600 Kr / month. 

You can also book a session for yourself or your group of family/ friends for 800 Kr/ session. 

If you would like to drop-in on the studio any Thursday click here.

TIPS when practicing from home

There is a substantial difference between pre-recorded yoga classes and live yoga classes! Here are some advantages of the live classes (online or in persson):

Why live classes?

There Is A Substantial Difference Between Pre-Recorded Yoga Classes And Live Yoga Classes! Here Are Some Advantages Of The Live Classes (Online Or In Persson):​​

Holds you accountable

You have to be there a certain time otherwise you will miss the class! We all have a tendency to leave things for later and we end up not doing it… So here you really have to show up!

organizer, calendar, schedule


I can see you and correct you or help you on the spot. The majority of the people are at different levels and it is almost impossible to make a class suit everyone. On real time I can give you alternatives to the positions you can not get into so that you still benefit from the pose.


You have the opportunity to ask questions! It can either be about the pose, or how you feel, etc.

Frequently asked questions

No. Anyone can become a member and start learning about yoga. Yoga is a individual practice and the only way you can find your own practice is by experiencing it!

The “Free Membership” it’s FREE! You will have access to some pre-recorded content and can get to understand more about yoga and meditation. If you ever decide to join the classes, you can always upgrade!

The “Regular Single Membership” is 600 Kr/ Month. It includes two live classes (one online on Sundays and one at the studio on Thursdays) plus access to many tutorials and meditations so that you can start learning and developing your own routine.

We also have the “Regular Family Membership” in case there is many yogis in your household! Everyone will be able to join the classes and have access to the recorded content for 1000 Kr/ Month.

Yes. You will be able to cancel the membership whenever you want!

If you still want to have two classes a week and you can not make it to the studio, one more online class will be added to the schedule from September 2020! You will be more than welcome to join that one as well.

Unfortunately, no. Family yoga classes will be open to everyone every Sunday (just book your spot by sms due to space limitations) and children yoga classes will be held on Saturdays in a separate course.

Yes! You can chose to join with your friends (up to 8 people) for the same price (800 Kr/ session). You can even chose to come to the studio, have a online session or ask for a session in a specific location.

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