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We Have One Goal

to provide children with essential resources to thrive in life

“Yoga provides training of mind and body to bring emotional balance. We argue that children and young people need such tools to listen inward to their bodies, feelings, and ideas. Yoga may assist them in developing in sound ways, to strengthen themselves, and be contributing social beings. First, we address how children and young people in today’s world face numerous expectations and constant stimulation through the Internet and other media and communication technologies. One reason why children experience stress and mental health challenges is that globalization exposes the youth all over the world to various new demands, standards, and options. There is also increased pressure to succeed in school, partly due to increased competition but also a diverse range of options available for young people in contemporary times than in the past. Our argument also partially rests on the fact that modern society offers plenty of distractions and unwelcome attractions, especially linked to new media technologies. The dominant presence of multimedia devices and the time spent on them by children are clear indicators of the shift in lifestyles and priorities of our new generation. While these media technologies are valuable resources in children and young people’s lives for communication, learning, and entertainment, they also result in constant competition for youngster’s attention. A main concept in our article is that yoga may help children and young people cope with stress and thus, contribute positively to balance in life, well-being, and mental health. We present research literature suggesting that yoga improves children’s physical and mental well-being. Similarly, yoga helps students improve resilience, mood, and self-regulation skills pertaining to emotions and stress.” (Hagen, 2014)

Read the whole article here

children yoga

Children Yoga is a playful form of yoga where we use creative yoga stories with different ground values (help each other, care for the nature, self-care, etc) where basic yoga positions and breathing exercises are integrated. 

Yoga is a wonderful way to encourage the children’s creativity, movement, coordination, self-awareness and self-esteem! 

Children yoga does not encourage expectations or competition and therefore promotes a sense of peacefulness and relaxation.

It is not either a religious practice! Different people with different religious background do yoga as a body and mind practice.


There is today enough research about the benefits of yoga, both for the physical well being but also mental well being. What about for children? Is there enough research about it? Does it help children in any way? The answer is yes! 

The benefits of yoga in children are vast and now also scientifically proven:

  • Improves attention and emotional control
  • Improves prefrontal cortex function, including the ability to plan and execute complex functions
  • Influences neurotransmitter function
  • Improves strength and flexibility of muscles while increasing circulation, uptake of oxygen, and functioning of hormones
  • Parasympathetic nervous system activation  enhancing resistance to the effects of stress.
  • Addresses stress and anxiety by treating the body and mind
  • Places emphasis on individual abilities rather than competition
  • Provides non-threatening and gentle method to increase physical fitness and enhance health and well-being.

“Yoga appears to be an effective modality for helping children cope with stress and anxiety”, claims Chandra Nanthakumar, on her 2018 study published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine. 

“Our initial work found that many kids expressed anxious feelings in third grade as the classroom work becomes more developmentally complex (…). Even younger children are experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety, especially around test time.” (Bazzano et al. 2018)

The fact is that children also experience stress just like we adults do as well, and just like yoga works for us to release that stress and activate our parasympathetic nervous system, so it works for them. Other studies show decreasing cortisol levels after the practice of yoga which reflects just that. 

It is about when school starts, at 6 years old, that it seems to be a very good investment to start the practice of yoga, but obviously the earlier the better! 

If you want your children to try our Yoga classes, you can book classes at the studio, or online classes here: (Use the code “1YOGA1” to try it for free for the first time!)


Chandra Nanthakumar, The benefits of yoga in children, Journal of Integrative Medicine, Volume 16, Issue 1, 2018, Pages 14-19, DOI: 10.1016/j.joim.2017.12.008

Alessandra N Bazzano, Christopher E Anderson, Chelsea Hylton, Jeanette Gustat. Effect of mindfulness and yoga on quality of life for elementary school students and teachers: results of a randomized controlled school-based studyPsychology Research and Behavior Management, 2018; Volume 11: 81 DOI: 10.2147/PRBM.S157503

Hagen I, Nayar US. Yoga for Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Well-Being: Research Review and Reflections on the Mental Health Potentials of Yoga. Front Psychiatry. 2014;5:35. Published 2014 Apr 2. DOI: 10.3389/fpsyt.2014.00035

family yoga

And who the best of all to join the children yoga classes? Yes you!

Specially if your children are between 4 and 6 years old, they maybe still a little bit shy, so it is a great idea to have someone they know and trust around.

At the family yoga classes the dynamics are very similar. We integrate a yoga story with a message behind, where we perform different yoga positions and breathing exercises and kids love to, not only experience it but to see their parents (or companion) inner child come out and show up! 

It is not every day they get to see their parent rouge like a lion or jump like a frog!

Besides, we also integrate pair yoga positions where you can really connect with your child and deepen your relationship and communication. Something most parents and kids will appreciate and give value today but also in the future as they grow into their teenager years!

If you want to join our Family Yoga classes, you can book classes at the studio, or online classes here: (Use the code “1YOGA1” to try it for free for the first time!)

Lizandra Deister, yoga teacher, children yoga teacher

Grow With Love

The best ingredient of any education for our children! From that place, we parents and educators can provide them with a stable foundation for everything to come. Different childhood stage will be a different block, a new skill, a new emotion and perception and all we can do is to be there to support and guide them the best we can. And the best we can is always going to be enough when it is with love, compassion and understanding! There is where yoga can play a very important role for us as adults but also for children that are just getting to know this world and themselves!

Lizandra Deister

Founder of Log In Yoga
Wellness Enthusiastic
Mother of Three

upcoming courses

CHILDREN YOGA ONLINE (English, 5-10 år)

10 CLASSES touching the following subjects:

  • Body awareness
  • Balance and Equilibrium
  • Strength of the body and of the mind
  • Focus through sight and breath
  • Emotions
  • Develop Empathy and Compassion
  • Teachings of Nature
  • Breath to find calmness

(All classes include physical movement, breathing exercises, and short meditations)

Spring Term 2021: week 3 to week 13

Sundays 11AM (CEST)

Price: 800 Kr

Book your spot already!

Would you like to try just one class? Book here

barnyoga, barnyoga kurser, kurser hösttermin 2020, familjeyoga, barnkurser i stockholm

BARNYOGA (Svenska, 5-10 år)

10 KLASSER i följande ämnen:

  • Kroppsmedvetenhet
  • Balans och jämvikt
  • Styrka hos kroppen och sinnet
  • Fokusera genom syn och andetag
  • Känslor
  • Utveckla empati och medkänsla
  • Naturens lärdomar
  • Andas för att hitta lugn

(Alla klasser inkluderar fysisk rörelse, andningsövningar och korta meditationer)

Barnyoga är en lekfull yogaform där man använder kreativa yogasagor med olikagrundvärderingar (hjälpa varandra, ta hand om sig själv, ta hand om naturen osv.) där enkla yogapositioner och andningsövningar integreras.

Yogan är ett underbart sätt att ta tillvara på barns kreativitet, rörlighet, självkänsla och självförtroende! Eftersom det inte handlar om prestation eller tävling hittar barnen sitt inre lugn och ro och kan slappna av.

Hösttermin 2021: v.3 – v.13

Lördagar kl 9:00 i Log In Yoga Studio

Pris: 1000 Kr

Begränsad antal platser (max 8 barn/ klass)

Boka din plats redan nu! 

Vill ni prova på innan? Boka Familjeyoga här eller barnyoga här

barnyoga, barnyoga kurser, kurser hösttermin 2020, familjeyoga, barnkurser i stockholm

Lizandra Deister

deep dive into chakras:
from energy to matter, from matter to energy

What are Chakras? Why are they important? Can we do something about them?

Let’s deep dive into the Chakra system!

chakra course, what are chakras, chakras in the physical body

Lizandra Deister

Right Fuel For Your Body

Dosha (body type according with Ayurveda) appropriated foods and combination of ingredients for a balance organism, digestion, absorption and excretion. 

FAMILJEYOGA (4-100 år)

I familjeyoga klasser får mamma, pappa, barn, farmor, morfar, kusiner, syskon etc. yoga tillsammans på ett lekfullt sätt! 

Familjeyoga ger möjlighet för dig som vuxen att omfamna ditt eget inre barn. Både vuxna och barn har behov att hitta en inre, lugn plats.


Att dela yoga resan med ett barn och öva några positioner i par, fördjupar relationer, skapar balans och förståelse.  

Söndagar kl 10 i Log In Yoga Studio

Pris: 180 Kr / familj (1 vuxen + 1 barn) + 50 Kr / extra barn 

Begränsad antal platser.

Boka gärna minst 2 timmer innan passet.

family yoga, children and family yoga, children yoga, barnyoga, familjeyoga

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